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David Martinez de Armas is a surrealist artist. He possesses the unique ability to transform and capture the power of light through the use of color combinations and daily objects that they become to project themselves as subconscious forms. He calls it MAGIC SURREALISM!


 Born in Havana Cuba on June 26th, 1961 he graduated in plastic arts at the San Alejandro Academy of Visual Arts in Havana in 1980. Two years later he graduated from the school of Graphic & Industrial Design. From 1983 thru 1984 he participated in the design of the National Zoo of Cuba. Later that year he took home Silver in the Painting Category Competition at the prestigious International Art Congress in Havana. From 1984 to 1988 he worked as a scenographer  & set designer for the main Cuban television network TELEVISION CUBANA & the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography in Havana. David held his first solo artist exhibit in 1987 at the 10 DE OCTUBRE GALLERY in Havana.



Created Mural @ El Asia Restaurant in Varadero

Restored Mural @ El Laiglon Restaurant in the Havana Riviera Hotel

Recreated the entire artwork @ El Floridita Restaurant (a landmark in Havana)

Created Murals @ Rio Cristal Tourist Center in Havana

Created Mural @ Cultural Society of Aviation Design in Havana

Collaborated in the creation of mural @ Havana Aqueduct 

Created Mural @ Sierra Maestra Restaurant in the Havana Libre Hotel

He has to date showcased various solo art exhibits in Mexico, Spain, Venezuela & The United States. He currently lives in Miami, Florida.

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